About us. Who are the people that make JP Exhausts tick?


John Parker began manufacturing stainless steel exhausts over 43 years ago following a long career as a pilot in the R.A.F.  The company, JP Exhausts started purely on the retail side as agents for "No-corrode", "Bugle Exhausts" and "Grundy Exhausts", the three largest manufacturers from the early days of stainless steel exhausts -  although none of them are still in business today.  Bugle made their exhausts from spirally wound stainless steel strip (like flu lining) with expanded sections which enclosed the silencers.  The whole system was extremely light and the tube section could be bent over the knee.  When Bugle went bankrupt in the early 1970`s JP bought a large quantity of the bankrupt stock and sold it in the Exchange and Mart to the D.I.Y. market for 21.60 per system including carriage, not a bad deal at all even in those early days.

JP felt that the future of the business was at the better quality end of the market, after all it was the firms at the cheaper end who all went to the wall, and gradually managed to buy or make a conventional manufacturing plant.  In the early days tubes were bent with a manual tube bender capable of about twenty bends a day.  Compared with today`s automatic mandrel benders capable of over 500 bends a day - JP`s have three of these benders.

JP Exhausts currently employ sixteen people at their Macclesfield workshop.  JP Exhausts have a commercial and retail side to the business providing stainless steel exhausts for over twenty car clubs and also for the largest retailers.  All our exhausts are guaranteed for as long as the owner keeps the vehicle and are exceptionally heavy duty.  Every part of every exhaust is made on jigs to ensure that the fit is as good as is possible and JP`s are continuously improving the product for today`s market.

There is no doubt that you will find a cheaper stainless steel exhaust for your vehicle but remember that you will have to live with your purchase for a very long time, and you do not want to be regretting that you did not go for the best quality system you could find.

James Parker.  Began working for JP Exhausts full time in 1990 and has been here ever since, firstly making the teas, and sweeping up before learning to weld and becoming JP Exhausts main welder for 18 years.  Jim is now in charge of keeping JP Exhausts stocked with the correct and right amount of materials needed to produce our exhausts and manifolds.

Tony Bryan:  Quality control/Production Manager.  Began welding for JP Exhausts 5 years ago.  He is an expert in T.I.G. & M.I.G. welding.

Mark Shaw.  Has been making silencers for JP Exhausts for 16 years, take a look in the gallery to see some of his more unusual silencers.

Kyle Jeffries.  Has worked at JP Exhausts for nearly 15 years and is our No. 1 manifold manufacturer. 

Jozef Firicky.  Jo has been making manifolds at JP Exhausts for 10 years.

Go to the gallery to see some of their work.

Tom Welsh.  Tom is one of our main fabricators.  He can turn his hand to exhaust systems and manifolds.

Clare Melville along with Elaine Jackson.  Run our busy office, answer all phone calls and are the vital connection between us and our customers.

Jeremy Rutter.  Has been JP Exhausts top pipe cutter for 22 years.  Jez ensures we have all the tube we need to complete any job.

James Hunter.  James has been running our busy laser cutter for 5 years.  If you have an idea of what you want James can cut it!

Neil Furnivall.  Neil is one of our main full time T.I.G. M.I.G. welders.

James Horridge.  Is one of our main T.I.G. welders and has proved to be an excellent welder.

James Ajibade.  James makes our most unusual exhaust silencers and is an excellent M.I.G. welder.

Denis Richards.  Denis has the skills to turn his hand to making manifolds and exhaust systems.

Clinton Webb.  Clint is the newest member of our team and runs our 3 busy mandrel benders.