VW Transporter T25 Stainless exhaust system 2100cc Syncro. Aug 85 - Nov 92
VW Transporter T25 Stainless exhaust system 2100cc Syncro.  Aug 85 - Nov 92

VW Transporter T25 Stainless exhaust system 2100cc Syncro. Aug 85 - Nov 92

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This exhaust system is for the 2100cc Syncro. water cooled Aug 1985 - Nov 1992 model

Our first ever T25 exhaust system was manufactured in the Mid 1990s. The exhaust system was made as a one off at our old workshop in Macclesfield.  It took several days to manufacture owing to the complex nature of the pipe-work.  Due to the very tight radius bends it was necessary to sand pack all the tubes before compression bending to ensure the tube did not crease.  We also had to manufacture the preheat for the carb. inlet.  This made the manufacturing of the exhaust very time consuming.  Our customer was extremely happy with the completed exhaust system.  At that time, and even now over 20 years later, the cost of our stainless steel exhaust was considerably less than an original V.W part and has the bonus of a lifetime guarantee!!

After a month or so we had another phone call, our original customer had recommended us to a friend.  We completed another exhaust system and before long received another call.  After 6 months we were fitting at least 1 exhaust system every couple of weeks and people were traveling from all over the UK to see us, often planning a stop in JPs back garden or outside our workshop ready for us to wake them with a cup of tea at 8:00 am the following morning.

Eventually we decided to make jigs for the exhaust parts so we could dispatch to our customers instead of having them drive to us.  The complicated pipe-work caused no end of problems.  It became apparent to us that the best way to ensure a good fit was to buy an old engine and make the pipes up on the engine.  We are still using that engine to this day!!!

Over the last 15-20 years of manufacturing the T25 exhaust we have had problems here and there but over time adapted and improved our design to reduce these issues, pipework is now bent on a mandrel bender.  We have always ensured swift replacement of any broken parts to minimize customer inconvenience.

All our T25 exhausts are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel and come with a lifetime guarantee for the original purchaser.  All parts are hand made at our Macclesfield workshop.

Delivery to most UK addresses 24.00


1900cc (Carb.) Water-cooled Aug 1985-Nov 1990 596.42

2100cc (Injection) Water-cooled Aug 1985-Nov 1990 585.30

2100cc (Syncro.) Water-cooled Aug 1985-July 1992 643.83

(All above prices include VAT at 20%)

N.B. Included in the price are all the gaskets/bolts and clamps required along with two new stainless silencer straps (See image below)

Material required:
Price: £663.15
UK Delivery for £8.00 for up to 5 items and £20.00 thereafter For delivery outside the UK, Please call